Graduation Photography - Proms and Group 團體相

On Site Graduation & Family Photography Service

The Professional On Site Graduation Photography Service (OSG1)

Price : HK$5,000

● 120 minutes (2hours) photo session in one location
● 90 minutes round trip of transportation
● 2 days job hours for final photo color management and retouching service.
● For 1 graduate or 1 graduate with 5-7 family members
● One Photographer
● Simple lighting equipment
● Approximately 80 - 150 final pictures take during session
● Receive ALL high resolution original digital images by email
● We need to spend our profession and time (14 days) to enchance all digital images. So delivery photo day will be 14 days after the shooting date.
● Select your favourite 20 photos will be full photo retouched (only face), we also need 7 days to do this process.
● 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

* All package are not inclued Make-up service. If you want Make-up service, we shall referral a professional for your reference.

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